1st anniversary of the Coroner’s Court hearing on Li Yuen-yee Incident
Publication of investigation result to Li’s family
Restore the deceased to reputation.

It has been one and a half year for Li Yuen-yee committing suicide after the false allegation of the Police. The Coroner’s Court also finished its hearing on May 11, 2006. Miss Li Yuen-yee jumped from the roof on 10 October 2005. According to her family members and her diary, she was framed, beaten by the police. The evidence was also destroyed by the Police. The undercover agent even received the service of oral sex. She killed herself to defend her reputation. During the Coroner’s Court hearing in May 2006, we witnessed how the court statements of the policeman were inconsistent; and some facts were hidden (such as the use of condom). We also witnessed how the sergeant was shielding his subordinate. Li passed away for more than a year. Though we urged CAPO to quickly complete the investigation, they kept on delaying the disclosure of investigation result. Since the police management puts aside the issue of police misconduct, sex workers are still threatened by the police. Li’s mother and numbers of sex workers thus brought together the issue to the Legislative Council Redress System, with the promise from Legislative Councilors to convene the case conference to pay attention and stop police misconduct.

We urge the police to quickly finish the investigation into Li’s death, and justly investigate into the case, penalizing the police officers involved in the misconduct to restore the deceased to her reputation, stopping the misuse of power by police officers as well.

We have the following requests:

  1. The police should apologize to Li’s family.
  2. Revise the undercover operation guidelines, clearly prohibiting undercover agents to receive sexual services of any kinds (including sexual intercourse, oral sex, and masturbation service) during operations.
  3. The police should investigate into the case, penalizing the police officers involved in the misconduct (including the misconduct of police officers, the oversight of police officers, obstructing the course of justice), publicizing the investigation result as well.
  4. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) should take the initiative to investigate if the undercover agent received sexual service during operation.
  5. An independent complaint system should be set up to avoid police officers investigating their police colleagues.
  6. Introduce laws against occupational discrimination, eliminating discriminations against sex workers, safeguarding their basic human rights.

Zi Teng            

May 11, 2007

Reference: Police Not Regretful in persecuting Sex Workers

Letter to Hong Kong from Li Yuen-yee’s family