Against the abuse of power by Police
Causing the suicide of sex worker

In order not to be defamed by the Police, who accused her of 'soliciting for immoral purpose', Miss Lee Yuen Yee (28), who worked as a sex worker for years to earn a better living for her family and siblings, left her will and jumped down from the roof at Tong Tau Estate three days ago on Oct 11 2000. It was told that the police rang up Lee's agent, demanding for the arrangement of sex service at one love hotel in Wan Chai for HK$3,000. When Lee arrived, she asked her client to pre-pay HK$500 and the remaining amount after the service. The policeman involved demanded for oral service, but refused to pay the remaining HK$2,500. Lee then took away HK$2,500 from the policeman’s wallet and kept his sperm-filled condom in her purse. Yet, at the moment when Lee left the love hotel, she was stopped and arrested by several policemen. The HK$3,000 was taken away whereas the sperm-filled condom was thrown away by the policemen. Lee was charged of intimidation attempt and theft, and was released on HK$10,000 bail. Lee felt defamed and killed herself to defend for her innocence.

In the past few years, Zi Teng often paid attention on cases such as, the abuse of power by the Police, enjoying free sex. However, the Head of the Police refused to amend and clarify the action guidelines. This worsens the whole situation. The Lee Incident apparently shows the severity of the abuse of Police power.

Ever since January 2005, Zi Teng received more than 200 complaints against the entrapment, the abuse of power by the Police. There are many sex workers who are made stripped for body search. One of them was even searched in this way for 4 times in two days. There are also many cases where the policemen enjoy free sex service. The prevalence of these cases catch much of our attention.

We urge for the followings:

  1. Police must open the information of the investigation.
  2. Police must punish the officers who are delinquent.
  3. Police must apologize and compensate to Miss Lee’s family.
  4. Police must immediate amendment to the police operational guidelines to prohibit officers from receiving masturbation during undercover investigations.
  5. Establishment of an independent complaint and investigation system to ensure the accountability of Police officers and punish those who abuse their power.