Beautiful Ziteng

Music and lyrics by Noise Coop
Inspired by sisters at Ziteng

We‘ve been thru’ bitter and sweet days,
for love and for home, long long years.
You and I are just the same,
Ordinary women we are at heart.

Did we give up believing in our rights /our beauty,
because we’ve suffered too many torments?
Stumbling along in this colorful mundane world,
I wanna dance out in the sun.

In the long long nights and hard hard rains,
I’ve forgotten about warmth.
In this mellow moonlight and starry sky,
It’s you standing by my side.

I don’t thieve, I don’t rob; I take pride in myself.
I fear no darkness, no bitterness; I hold my head up high.
Sisters, let’s fight hand in hand
And we can be strong like Ziteng!

(Repeat from Chorus to the end)