International Day to End Violence Against Sex Worker

December 17 this year is the 5th International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. Due to the social discrimination and the unfair legal treatment, sex workers are often exposed to different kinds of violence. We hope to commemorate the sex workers who have been bullied and killed with today’s activity, arouse more public concern on sex workers’ safety, protect and respect sex workers’ human rights.

We urge to the public and sex workers to do the protest with us. We are going to march from Wanchai to the Police Headquarters. We hope that there is more public concern on the violence faced by sex workers. We particularly hope that the police can stop all violence against sex workers immediately.

  • We have the following demands
    1. Stop all kinds of violence against sex workers.
    2. Stop police abuse and suppression on sex workers.
    3. Decriminalize sex work, so that sex workers are protected by the law.
    4. Eliminate the discrimination against sex workers in the society.
    5. Recognize sex work as work, respect sex workers’ basic rights.
    6. Set up an independent complaint system for the investigation of police abuse.

    In addition, we will release the result of the election of ‘the most intolerable violation of sex workers’ rights’. If you would like to support and join this protest, please contact Zi Teng at 2332-7182 or

    Date: December 17, 2007 (Monday)
    Time: 10.30am
    Venue: Southorn Playground, Wanchai (MTR Wanchai station)