Zi Teng

Dec 17 2006
International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

This year is the Fourth International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. There are different events organized by sex workers groups in different areas every year to commemorate sex workers who are abused and killed, urging the public to respect sex workers' human rights.

Recently, 5 sex workers are murdered in Ipswich in England, but the murderer is not yet arrested. This murder aroused great attention in different regions. Not only in England, the murders of sex workers are frequently found in different areas. For example, Robert Pickton killed more than 26 sex workers in his pig farm in Canada; two brothers killed 13 sex workers in 5 different provinces in China; more than 60 sex workers were killed in Green River in USA by the Green River killer, who shamelessly claimed in court that he does "not need to bear any responsibility for killings sex workers"; 3 sex workers are killed in Shamshuipo in Hong Kong, with the murderer of cases in Tsuen Wan, Taipo and To Kwa Wan is not yet arrested.

Sex workers are often exposed to unfair legal treatment, social discrimination and suppression by law enforcers, increasing their vulnerability to physical abuse and murder. Zi Teng is going to commemorate the murdered sex workers on Dec 17 2006. We hope that the public can pay more attention on sex workers' personal security, and stop all violence against sex workers.

Since police suppression also brings much violence to sex workers, we are going to march to the Police Headquarters on Dec 17. We would urge the police to stop their suppression of sex workers. Besides, we will also publicize the 7 common abuses against sex workers by police in 2006. Please contact us at 23327182 (telephone) or ziteng@hkstar.com (email) if you would like to join our protest.

Date: Dec 17 2006
Time 12.00pm
Venue: Southorn Playground, Wanchai (Wanchai MTR station)

We will also join the anti-racial discrimination protest afterwards.

Please vote for the most unreasonable police abuse against sex workers, and send us your vote at ziteng@hkstar.com before Dec 16 2006:

1. The slogan "arresting all sex workers even the innocent ones" is found in Cheung Sha Wan police station, encouraging police officers to arrest sex workers even with no reason or evidence.
2. Li Yuen Yee committed suicide after being framed by undercover police.
3. Complaints to the Complaints Against Police Office (CAPO) are investigated by police officers, who use different methods to make sex workers withdraw their complaints.
4. Police photograph sex workers with mobile camera.
5. The Hong Kong Police Force allows its police officers to receive free masturbation service during undercover operation.
6. Cruelties in police station such as strip search, physical abuse, not allowing sex workers to make phone calls.
7. Police officers force the attendants at guesthouses to open the door of the room, visitors are thus naked in front of the police officers. Female visitors from Mainland China are then generalized as sex workers and framed.