March on the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers 2007

On December 17 (the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers), we marched from Wanchai to the Police Headquarters to urge the police to stop their violence against sex workers. Representatives from JJJ Association, a self-support group formed and run by local sex workers, and Zi Teng staff released and presented the result of the 'Most Intolerable Violation of Sex Workers' Right' election to the police representative. This year, more than 650 people (number of voters counted up to December 17 morning) from the industry and the public joined the election. The most intolerable violation goes to the receipt of free sexual hand job service upon the superior's approval by the police undercover. In fact, top 5 violations of sex workers' rights are related to the police administration and actions.

Many local groups and supporters joined our march, like, the Women's Coalition (WC), Hong Kong Women Christian Council (HKWCC), Asian Migrant Coordinating Body (AMBC), Midnight Blue, and the League of Social Democrats (LSD). Dr Josephine Ho and Karl Yin-Bin Ning from the Center for the Study of Sexualities, Taiwan, who are always eager to support sex workers' rights movement, also joined us this year. We thank everyone for your support and participation in the march. We sincerely hope that the police will improve their administration and policy implementation, sex workers can be freed from police discrimination, abuse and violence.

2007 Election of the 10 most cruel violation of sex workers’ human rights (including the votes on website, on the outdoor display board and the signatures on the support letter)

Votes counted up to Dec 16 noon Votes counted up to Dec 17 morning
1. The police insists not to prohibit undercover agents from receiving sexual service, resulting in undercover agents’ ‘open’ receipt of sexual service during operation. 256 268
2. Li Yuen-yee killed herself upon the framing of the police. Still, nothing is reported from the police to her family. 193 204
3. The Complain Against Police Office (CAPO) is not yet an independent organization, and it strives to force sex workers to withdraw the complaint. 107 115
4. The police force, threaten and cheat sex workers to sign the statement, answer the questionnaires, let them enter the flats to take photos, provide the information of flat owners and the advertising website. 96 99
5. Inhuman treatment in the police station, such as strip-search, physical violence, not allowed to make any phone call, force sex workers to sign the statement. 70 82
6. The police raids on the advertising websites, flat owners, and those washing towels for sex workers, sex workers thus can hardly earn their living. 40 44
7. Sex workers are framed by the police with condom 32 36
8. Sex workers are discriminated and negatively described in the society. 22 24
9. Sex workers face abuse from the customers. 21 23
10. Current laws are unfair to sex workers, that sex workers can hardly make their living. 19 21

Total no. of votes counted up to December 16 noon (multiple votes allowed): 856 votes
Total no. of votes counted up to December 17 morning (multiple votes allowed): 916 votes
Total no. of voters counted up to December 16 noon: 629 people
Total no. of voters counted up to December 17 morning: 655 people