One-person-one-letter campaign against police extensive raids on one-apartment women

Recently, the police have started extensive raid on one-apartment women’s websites, flat owners. They also visit sex workers’ workplace for the survey, in which they force sex workers to provide all kinds of information. Sex workers have great worries that such police actions may end their business. Although the police spokespersons often claim that their actions are directed at the triad groups, the fact is that currently sex workers are mostly self-employed. The recent police raids on websites, flat owners, real estate companies and other people related with the work of one-apartment women only hurt sex workers. One-apartment women themselves are not illegal in Hong Kong. The police also state in different occasions that the sex work-related laws in Hong Kong (such as living on earnings of prostitution of others) are set up to protect sex workers from exploitation. However, police raids on websites and flat owners only discourage sex workers’ business. Sex workers are the ones to be eradicated. They can no longer make their living. They become the poorest victim. Hence,we now carry out a one-person-one-letter campaign to urge the police to respect sex workers. They have to stop police abuse immediately and all kinds of actions against the one-apartment women. Your support is highly appreciated. Please kindly send us your support and signature at

Our demands are as follows:

  1. The police stop all actions against sex workers.
  2. The police stop forcing sex workers to provide any kind of information and sign on the papers.
  3. The police stop misusing the law, as well as wasting police manpower and resources on raiding sex workers. The Government should well use its resources on the development and betterment of the community’s social life, but not discouraging the business of one marginalized but self-reliant group.
  4. Decriminalize sex work, repeal all the laws related with sex work, so that sex workers can enjoy their life.