Protest against Repeated Hypocrisy of Police

Zi Teng and JJJ Association met with the police management this morning and dialogued with the Chief Superintendent, Ng Kam-wing. Mr Ng promised at the meeting that he would severely punish the police officers who poorly treat or insult sex workers. Nevertheless, promise is really just a promise. In fact, when the meeting was just over, we immediately received the complaints from sex workers in Prince Edward and the Western District, telling us that some police officers visited and forced them to provide personal information like mobile number, home address. The officers even forced the clients to provide the personal information. If sex workers and clients refuse to provide the information, they will not leave the flat. We immediately contacted and tried to complain to the inspector whom we met at the meeting about the above action. Sadly, she did not reply at all.

We are furious to the Chief Superintendent’s hypocrisy. He does not keep his promise. We clearly see from the above how the police deny sex workers’ human rights.

Zi Teng and JJJ Association

March 18, 2008