Release of 'Sex!!! Fun' - Sex Education Magazine for Adults

To let the Hong Kong public understand that sex is an innate part of human life, that sex can bring people joy and pleasure, and to create more space for sex and gender discussions, Zi Teng, which always focuses on sex workers' rights, has been organizing different sex education workshops since 2007. Furthermore, we recruited a group of volunteers for 'Sex!!! Fun' - the first sex education magazine for adults in Hong Kong. We will freely distribute the 'Sex!!! Fun' magazine to the public. We also invited Dr Ng Man Lun, Dr Yau Ching, and Bottle Shiu, the famous culture commentator, who are the guest writers of 'Sex!!!Fun', to the press conference to share their views on the magazine. We really would like to show our gratitude to their support on our magazine, a new space for sex and gender discussions in Hong Kong.