The 12th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
Wishing you a prosperous new year, and every gains in money and loving relationship!

We have published the newsletter for the whole last year. We are not taking leave, but rather have huge amount of work. Our three full-time staff have been doing never-ending jobs inlcuding site-visiting, case follow-up, and conducting groups. We also organised the conference on “The Movement of Sex Workers in Asia-Pacific Region”. The participating Jie Jie came from over 10 countries. Zi Teng, with few financial and manpower resources, was able to take up such a loaded task, thanks to the unreserved commitment of our staff, as well as our volunteers. Without their support, the event would not be possible. Apart from this conference, if looking back on Zi Teng's days, the support of our volunteers is no doubt there.

This year, the group on “one apartment on Jie Jie” is likely to be set up. We are now working whole-heartedly to train up our Jie Jie in handling site-visiting, case follow-up and group conducting work. We also arrange them to visit different groups, so that they can understand the operation of those groups. As we move on our work this year, your participation and support are always welcome.

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