The 14th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
Ziteng is publishing its newsletter now. In this issue, we have our executive member Mr. Chiu Man Chung, a practice lawyer, introducing the Sexual Transaction Law in HK; real life experiences narrated by different fields of sex workers, an “Observatory”—a communication channel for our sex workers and also an introduction of Australian regulations for sex workers, etc. We hope that the knowledge and connection among members will be enhanced through our future publications.

Ziteng Observatory: the Mutual Security Programme

The “Observatory” was founded in late 2001. At that time the problem of robberies against one-woman-apartments was so serious that everyday we would hear apartments“visited” by robbers who were either in one person or in groups of two, treating us like ATMs. Even I myself have been robbedbefore. Every sister was horrified, worrying about who would be the next victim. We held regular meetings in Ziteng, and the problem of robberies were always in our agenda. Some sisters had videotape the appearance of the suspects on their closed circuit TVs. Since then CCTVs and tape recording system became indispensable for sisters. As sisters were vulnerable, we had organized a communication network. The network is not a large one, but in every district we have some core members with a network of their own. When cases occur, they will collect information at once. With similar cases accumulated, they will give the details of the robbers (characteristics, height, age, style of robbery, etc.) to Ziteng and other sisters as soon as possible. Therefore we can get other sisters alert to the suspects.

The Observatory is a marketplace for exchange of information. Sisters do businesses, and also chat on phones to kill time, which is perfect to spread news and information by phone. We will be more alert and work together to fight crime more effectively. The Observatory is doing quite well at present. We have caught some robbers, allowing sisters to work without the threat of robberies.

  ▶  The 14th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter