The 16th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
After 1 year’s ‘rest’, the new Zi Teng newsletter is published again. We have to apologize for the undesirable ‘rest’. Since we did not have time and the manpower to work on the newsletter, we had to let the newsletter ‘rest’ for 1 year. Please accept our apology.

Zi Teng has entered into her 10th year. Usually, people or organizations will try to list out what they have achieved or contributed to the society/target groups at their 10th anniversary. We did have similar idea, especially when we see how Zi Teng gradually expands the size of its network and sex worker programs. Nonetheless, when we realized that the decriminalization of sex work, which is one of Zi Teng’s main goals, is still far to be achieved, we hesitated. If sex workers are not yet decriminalized, how dare we say we have ‘achieved something’?

It is undoubtedly not an easy job for an organization in Zi Teng’s small scale to survive for 10 years. We still believe that it is a right timing for us to share with you Zi Teng’s work. We dare not say that they are very magnificent achievements, which vastly change the livelihood or public image of sex workers, but both the society and sex workers did positively change their attitudes towards sex industry upon Zi Teng’s 10 years’ work.

In this issue, we will briefly share with you the works of Zi Teng in different areas, and in different regions, and what are resulted from Zi Teng’s works. The 6th World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference was just held in Hong Kong, so let us start from the activities which Zi Teng organized and participated during the WTO Conference, to review what Zi Teng did in the past ten years!

  ▶  The 16th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter