The 18th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
In the coming issues, we not only will tell you what we have done in the past 3 months, we will also try to let you know more the cultural activities organized by sex workers in different countries. In this issue, we are going to first introduce the carnival-like films and arts festival organized by sex workers.

By introducing the unique culture of sex workers and sex industry, we sincerely hope that you can understand sex workers from another perspective: that they are independent, self-determined, creative, and artistic as many others in the society. The common negative portraits of sex workers as drug addicts, gamblers, and so on are indeed biased against sex workers. Sex workers are not necessarily leading hard or unhealthy life. Rather, they are always downright to open their life experiences to the public through different cultural activities.

  ▶  The 18th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter