The 21st issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
We always believe that a person, regardless of her/his class, ethnicity, age, identity, job, gender, should enjoy basic rights and be respected. We thus not only work with local Hong Kong sex workers, we also work much with migrant sex workers, who com from different countries/areas. We particularly work the most with those from Mainland China.

Under current policy, migrant sex workers will break the law whenever they are found working. Such illegality places them in a marginalized position, in which no one supports and sympathizes with them. They are easily discriminated and denied of rights, as if they do not deserve any respect and rights.

In this issue, you will find us featuring migrant Chinese sex workers. We sincerely hope that you can understand more about migrant Chinese sex workers through this issue. We further hope that you show genuine care and support on this group.

  ▶  The 21st issue of Zi Teng Newsletter