The 27th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
This is never a good year for sex workers in Hong Kong. Four of them were killed by one serial killer and a copycat in March; one 15-year-old sex worker was chopped into pieces in the middle of the year, and one sex worker was brutally killed in November. Though we have started to exchange more crime information with the police, and we meet with the police management every three months to try to give suggestions on how the police can better its law enforcement and protective measures for sex workers, sex workers are still subject to crime and violence.

We often receive the call from sex workers, sharing with us their encounters with thieves and robbers, how their clients remove the condom during the transaction or refuse to pay for the service, and so on. We understand and appreciate that more police officers are willing to offer advice and assistance to sex workers, with some of them are very enthusiastic to solve the reported case. Yet, we still see that many police officers are indifferent to sex workers‟ case, or create huge pressure, say asking for information of husbands and landlords, on those reporting the case. This not only discourages sex workers from seeking help from the police, also indirectly pushes sex workers to greater risk and danger.

Just like every of us, sex workers are entitled to human rights and police protection. We look forward to seeing more protective measures from the police for sex workers. What we want further is the attitudinal change on police officers towards sex workers.

  ▶  The 27th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter