The 28th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
The year of the ox has come, but it has started as a cruel year to sex workers. While three local sex workers working in one-woman-brothel were murdered, one migrant sex worker from Mainland China, who worked illegally and secretly in the ‘private brothel’, was also found dead in the staircase of one building.

Certainly, there is now more concern on sex workers in Hong Kong, and the police have more protective measures for sex workers, but this is only the case of local sex workers. Migrant sex workers, who work in Hong Kong illegally with invalid working document, seldom receive much attention and concern from the society. It is also common for them to face violence. Because of their status, they are not accepted by the society. Their lives and properties are constantly under the threat of crimes and live in fear always. Moreover, law executing officers only take the view that they do sex work illegally but disregard the fact that they are victims of crimes, refusing to give them proper protection and support. This discourages and scares migrant sex workers from reporting to the police when they face violence. Most of all, this in turn encourages criminals further.

Despite of the legality, sex workers are always entitled to basic rights and respect. To reduce migrant sex workers’ vulnerability to violence and power abuse, we will definitely work more on this, urge for more concern on migrant sex workers from the public.

  ▶  The 28th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter