The 37th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
As you know that Zi Teng has been fighting for more police respect and legal protection for sex workers for more than 10 years. We are happy that the frontline police officers do change some of their practices and attitudes towards sex workers, especially those reporting crime information and working at the one-woman apartment/one-woman brothel. However, we have not yet witnessed any substantial change in local law. There is still a long way to make sex work fully recognized as one legitimate job in the society.

While the local law remains unchanged at large, what makes us angry is that it has become more common for the frontline police officers to adopt their malpractices on the migrant sex workers and the masseuses, especially those working at the foot massage parlours. For example, among the complaints against police abuse we received in the past 3 months, most of them are from the masseuses at the foot massage parlours. 9 women from the foot massage parlours tell us how they feel unfair for providing free massage and/or sexual service more than twice for one undercover police. Besides, many migrant sex workers and masseuses also fear much of reporting their cases to the police, increasing their vulnerability to crimes and client violence. In the past 3 months, 14 women are exposed to client violence such as denial of service payment, robbery and sexual assault. However, all of them only dare to share their bad experiences with us but not reporting to the police.

Seeing the above, we have decided to shift our focus on the masseuses and the migrant sex workers. We hope that the public can understand more their situation. We also hope that the police can really remove their abusive practices on all sex workers, not just turning from one target to another.

  ▶  The 37th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter