The 49th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
We always know that there is black sheep in the Hong Kong Police Force. They make use of their status and power to make sex workers, especially the migrant sex workers, provide them with free sexual service. When we complain to the police management, they tell us they will seriously handle the complaints but it is necessary for the sex workers involved to come out to make the complaint. If we say that the sex workers involved are afraid of the police revenge, they will say that the suspect may not necessarily be a real police officer, and it may be a police imposter or something like that. No matter what they respond, the underneath meaning is that they are not going to investigate into the complaints.

However, the police recently arrested two police officers, who were suspected of abusing their power to make the migrant sex workers provide free sexual service. According to the newspapers, the police quickly arrested the two officers because they received a nameless complain letter. This is very strange to us. When we complain to the police, they always digress or explain much the complaint procedures. Yet, it appears that the police do start the investigation even it is based on the anonymous complain letter. Or is the letter sent from one ‘celebrity’, who pressures the police to start the investigation immediately?

If the police have secretly changed their guidelines and now accept anonymous complaint letter, both local and migrant sex workers are more willing to testify the police officers. If it is the pressure from the ‘celebrity’ that pushes the police to start the investigation, sure we are gratitude to the ‘celebrity’. Nevertheless, we are happier if the police can handle and investigate into each complaint seriously. This helps much to protect the interests of the sex workers.

  ▶  The 49th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter