The 57th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
Probably because the robbers do need money at this moment, when it comes to the end of the year, sex workers will have to face more robberies, thefts and refusal of service charge.

Recently, two sex workers were robbed at knifepoint on the same day. One of them was also raped by the robber. Afterwards, the police distributed screenshots of the two robbers to the media. Thanks to the report of some citizens, one of the robbers was arrested the next day.

While we are happy to know that one robber is quickly arrested, and some citizens are keen to help the two women and provide useful crime information to the police, we would also like to ask the police for the reason why they still feel reluctant to distribute the screenshots to the concerned groups? If the police can provide us with screenshots, we can then quickly spread the information to the sex workers, to let them understand how the suspects look like, and pay attention on each of the clients they greet. The fact that the police do not intend to provide any photo for the concerned groups, does it mean that they believe that distributing the screenshots to the media is more ‘useful’ than to the groups in arresting the robbers? Have the police ever thought that it is very probable for the robbers to hurt other sex workers?

Hope the robber on the run will soon be arrested, so that sex workers can work without worry.

  ▶  The 57th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter