The 58th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
These days, the police said that they raided a group controlling sex workers. 4 Korean sex workers were arrested. 2 of them complained that the undercover police officers had sex with them. The case was adjourned. 1 woman still insisted to file the complaint. The judge in this case also encouraged the sex worker to courageously speak out the truth and no need to afraid of any bad outcome.

We are happy that the Korean sex workers in this case did not worry or think too much but insisted to complain the undercover officers. What makes us more excited is that the judge in this case kept encouraging the women and told them not to feel afraid. The Department of Justice also stated that they would investigate into the case seriously.

In fact, according to our cases in the past, no matter she is a sex worker who has the identity card or the migrant sex worker who do not have valid working document, many of them did complain to us how the undercover police breached the undercover operation guidelines by asking them more than once to provide sexual service. Some undercover officers also touched their body and even the private part. Though they tried to complain in the court, they would withdraw the complaint when their lawyer or the staff in the court told them that the complaint would not help them to win the case. To us, when the Korean sex workers insist to file the complaint, they are also fighting for justice: if they are jailed for 6 weeks for illegally working in Hong Kong, the undercover officer definitely cannot conceal the truth or fabricate stories to frame them. He has to bear the consequence for infringing the internal guidelines.

We strongly hope that other sex workers will pay attention on this case. When they are unfairly treated by the police, they can follow their Korean counterparts and fight for justice by insisting their complaints. In Hong Kong, the police are not any privileged one. They cannot do whatever they want and enjoy free sexual service. If they breach the code of conduct or the law, just like every one of us, they would have to bear the legal consequences.

  ▶  The 58th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter