The 59th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
Recently one sex worker was brutally hurt by the customer. She was severely hurt. When she was receiving medical check in the hospital, she decided to report the case. She provided the statement and finished it the next day in the morning. As she did not sleep and was just hurt, she thought she could have some rest at home after providing the statement. However, she called our colleague later that since she case was passed to another team, she had to return to the police station to give the statement again. She wanted to pick another day after considering her health conditions. Nevertheless, one of the team members told her that they only had time that day. They were not sure when they could take the statement again if she changed the date. He also reminded her that she might forget the details if she insisted to provide the statement several days afterwards……

To us, the police officers in charge of this case never thought of the sex worker’s situation. Neither did they care about the health of the woman. After providing the statement for her first time, the woman was exhausted. She was also physically and psychologically abused. Yet, the police officers were not caring enough. They only thought of their schedule and made the woman follow their timetable to give the statement. They also partially threatened her to listen to them. It is definitely important to solve the case, but if they neglect the health conditions of the victim, force her to do something out of her wish, in terms of creating pressure on the sex worker, it actually makes no difference between the police and the violence perpetuator.

  ▶  The 59th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter