The 60th issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
Recently we received the complaint from a sex worker in one particular area, telling us that her face and working place was disclosed on a website. We contacted the website administrator and told them about it. We got their reply in 30 minutes saying they had removed the photo and forbidden the person who uploaded the photo to use their service.

Later, we received the call from a man. He is the guy who recorded the working noise of sex workers. He told us he found what he did and his picture posted outside many sex workers’ working place in different areas. When we told him that it was because he infringed sex workers’ privacy and sex workers protected themselves by exchanging and posting his information outside the working place, he said he intended no harm but simply thought it was fun to record the noise. Afterwards he understood more information from our website and had deleted all the files. He also reiterated he would not do it again. He would like us to forward his messages to the sex workers, so that the latter could remove the notices about him from the working places.

We are glad to see how the website administrator addressed to our complaint, which can avoid further infringement of the privacy of the sex worker. Besides, if the guy really feels sorry to what he did and keeps his promise to respect sex workers’ privacy, we are definitely pleased to help spreading his words to the sex workers. However, it is sad to see that not many people or companies are willing to respect sex workers, or understand why sex workers want to hide their identity.

Have you ever tried to see something from the viewpoint of a sex worker ?

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