The 61st issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
In 2014, the English banker who was charged for murdering two Indonesian migrant sex workers was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. He made an appeal at the Court of Appeal. He claimed that trial judge did not give clear directions on points of law to the jurors, and he was not treated fairly. He demanded to dismiss the conviction. Yet, the law is fair. The Court of Appeal stated that trial judge gave clear directions and did not make any mistake. His appeal was rejected. Finally the two migrant sex workers murdered by this banker could rest in peace. The bad guy who killed them received his punishment.

Moreover, in early April, two police officers were found stealing $3000 from one migrant sex worker in an (Newspaper clipping: Apple Daily) anti-vice operation. Their moves were also videotaped. The police management said that they would deal with the case seriously. Two police officers were therefore arrested.

The judge will severely punish the people who hurt sex workers, and the police management does not shield their colleagues. To us, they can serve as an effective tool in empowering sex workers. When sex workers believe that the law enforcement department and the Judiciary will fairly handle (Newspaper clipping: Oriental Daily) all the cases and punish all law-breakers, they will be more willing to stand up for their rights.

Below is the number of cases where sex workers face the violence from clients and police in the past 4 months.

Police violence/abuse
Arbitrary arrest18 cases
Verbal threat and insult4 cases
Forced or coaxed to sign the statement2 cases
Deprived of basic rights3 cases
Unnecessary use of authority1 case
Neglect of duty5 cases
Theft2 cases

Client/criminal violence
Denial of payment6 cases
Theft1 case
Physical assault3 cases
Candid camera8 cases
Counterfeit notes2 cases
Fraud2 cases
Privacy violat ion1 case
Harassment1 case
Robbery2 cases
Condom removed2 cases
Intimidation2 cases
Properties damaged2 cases

Boss violence
Intimidation1 case
Properties damaged2 cases

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