The 62nd issue of Zi Teng Newsletter
Based on the laws and policies addressing to human trafficking in different countries and areas, the US Department of State releases the Trafficking in Persons Report every year. This year, Hong Kong remains on Tier 2 Watch List. According to the Report, Hong Kong has not yet met the minimum standard in combating trafficking, like, criminalizing all forms of trafficking, insufficient protection of the rights of domestic workers.

At the same time, local groups concerning human trafficking and Legislative Councilors had started to push the Government to set up anti-trafficking law, so as to provide more protection for trafficked victims and to increase the punishment for the syndicates engaging in human trafficking.

It makes sense to protect trafficked victims and to penalize the syndicates behind, especially when we see that many migrant workers are exploited and wages reduced by the employers and agents. It is necessary to foster the protection and increase the punishment. However, when many people and the government in our society are not aware of the issue of human trafficking, wrongly conflate sex workers with trafficked victims, we will often see the situations where the law enforcement groups frequently raid sex workers in the excuse of combat trafficking or cutting off the income source of the syndicates. Sex workers will be exposed to more unnecessary suppression. Compared to legislations, it is more significant to increase the public awareness in human trafficking. If public awareness has not yet developed but legislation comes first, not only the victims of trafficking fail to receive help, more people are implicated and become victims.

  ▶  The 62nd issue of Zi Teng Newsletter