The Monologue of Wanderer

“Ding Dong, Ding Dong” The door bell rang and you dressed in a sexy sleeping gown welcoming me with a smile. This wanderer had his eyes fallen on your gorgeous tits. Inside the house, several greeting or chit chat had made this wanderer drop down the mask that he wore when he wore for all those strangers in the street. This is an absolute private space. In this face, wanderer dropped not only the mask but also many stresses and emotional strains. He started to put off his clothes. What you saw was not only a naked man either, and also his naked spirit. He knew that he would not be rejected any more. In this space, sex is the premise, everybody was naked to face each other. Wanderer knew that it was your first time to meet him and he realized that you have something that is different from other women. In you, wanderer can find your tenderness towards men.

In the past, wanderer’s only concern was making love, the intercourse itself. As if there was some suppressed strength that needed to be released. You also boldly lead me to stimulate your sensitive region. In order to reward your sacrifice, wanderer tried his best to make you feel good. After orgasm, there is a cool tinkling feeling radiated from the groin towards the limbs, it made all the stresses and worries go away with the shooting sperms. Frankly speaking, even for a short while, it is fulfilling to sleep in such a feeling. Wanderer is thankful that he was not blamed for not giving you orgasm in return.

Wanderer has grown in street-smart and afraid of the impulse to have a deeper relationship, but he cannot deny the fact to meet you is not only for sex and orgasm. What is more is the desire to share intimacy in this 30 minutes. Through sex, the sexual desire in your eyes, the lost of control of yourself when wanderer was in you, the hot pulsing of your waist, they all tell wanderer: ”Come on, don’t be afraid, show me your strongest and show me your weakest spots as well.”

In retrospect, after every romance, the memory is very vague, the format of professional sex service does not vary. Wanderer will close his eyes and enjoy. That is why visual episodes are fragmental. On the contrary, the most impressive moment is the sharing of eye contact and your lovely smile in the first sight when you open the door. You, in this field for a long time, no matter how wanderer make his speech, how he sweet-talk, how his maintaining silence, can see the loneliness behind all these. You and he know that, true or not, believe or not to believe are not an issue here because you two are not exchanging information but communicating, communicating something speechless in our human nature.

While you are willing to play this role and let wanderer has chance to meet you, he also needs to bear all the critics from this society. However, wanderer can find something in you that this commercial world has gradually lost. It is from you, it is your feminist tenderness. In the past, men didn’t know how to value it highly and took it for granted. Wanderer wants to ask forgiveness from you and would like to let you know that men are paying for their disrespect and live a life that they deserve, not a man’s life. Next time when you meet wanderer, please tell him how to treat you with tenderness from a man.

Sand in the Wind