World AIDS Day: Remove Condom = Rape, Don’t challenge the law

December 1 is the World AIDS Day. Every year, different activities are organized around the world to arouse more concern on AIDS.

Condom is an effective tool to protect oneself from STDs and HIV/AIDS, but many men believe that they enjoy less if they use condoms during sexual intercourse. They thus refuse to use condoms. This not only increases the risk of spreading the disease as well as getting infected by HIV/AIDS, they may also be charged with rape.

Remove condom = Rape
Quoting the words of practicing solicitor Martin Yeung, according to the Crimes Ordinance chapter 200 section 118, a man commits rape if he knows that she does not consent to the intercourse. The High Court also pointed out in the HKSAR v CHAN SIU MAN case that if a woman consents to safe sex with condom, but a man suddenly changes his mind or removes the condom during the intercourse, he will break the law and may be charged with rape if the woman objects to unprotected sex. If the man is infected by STD (sexually transmitted disease) or HIV, he may even be charged with “Wounding” or “Inflicting grievous bodily harm”.

Recently, some shameless clients removed the condom during sexual intercourse with sex workers. This is definitely rape. We have called the police to work more on this. We appeal to the clients not to challenge the law.

Use condoms for oral sex
Besides, people often misunderstand that it is safe to perform oral sex. However, unprotected oral sex can also lead to STD infection such as herpes and gonorrhea. Hence, you should use condom for oral sex. It is not the person her/himself but how s/he performs sex brings the risk.

We all need condom
Sex is still a taboo in our society. Many people thus say ‘no’ to condoms, with some of them are afraid of condoms. No one dares to buy and carry condoms in an open way. If a woman is carrying a condom, people see her as a whore. If a man is carrying a condom, people see him as an irresponsible person, who will have sex with different person. In fact, condom is not the symbol of unfaithfulness, crime nor shame. Rather, we use condoms because we care and respect the sex partner. No matter you are doing sex with stable partner, sex partner, or sex worker, you should use condom. Presently, the quality of condom has greatly improved. Condom manufacturers have produced different kinds of thin condom, which bring you much enjoyment. In addition, thick condom helps you control the ejaculation and extend the intercourse time. Both your partner and you can have the greatest enjoyment.

This year, Zi Teng and a group of men come out to promote safe sex. We urge both men and women to use condoms when you have sex, no matter it is oral sex or vaginal sex.

We have the following appeals:

  1. Promote safe sex and sex education, enhance the public’s consciousness in safe sex.
  2. Join the ‘One Person One Condom’ Campaign. Men and women should carry their own condom for safe sex.
  3. Arrest the clients and men who remove condom during intercourse, safeguard the interests of sex workers and women.

Zi Teng (sex workers concern organization)
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1 December, 2008