Zi Teng response to the DAB compensated dating research (the third phrase)

Regarding to the “Compensated Dating Research (the third phrase)” released at the press conference on December 20 by Starry Lee Wai King, the Legislative Councilor of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB), saying that the research was conducted with 20 teen girls introduced by Zi Teng, we would like to make the following declaration:

DAB released a “joint research with Zi Teng” on December 20. In fact, we did not conduct any joint research with DAB, including the “Compensated Dating Research (the third phrase)” described in the press conference. DAB claimed in the press conference that they talked with 20 girls participating in compensated dating with the introduction of Zi Teng, but the truth is that, we never refer case to or handle case together with DAB. Neither did we give any detail of the case to them. The “joint research” was merely based on the materials we raised to them in certain public forums and private conversations. They also distorted some of these materials. In addition, as far as we know, DAB have never interviewed or talked with any of the teen girls we know. It is absolutely shameful for DAB to misappropriate the information for catching the media attention and pursuing their own political interests.

Zi Teng hereby reiterates that we never conduct research with DAB on compensated dating. We also feel sorry for their misconduct of fooling the public as well as dishonestly publicizing something fictitious.

Zi Teng
22nd December 2009